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222 North Bloodworth
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Individualized attention in a small-group setting, yoga therapy offers a deep sense of physical & mental well-being

Breathing Mountain Yoga Therapy Studio is located in Downtown Raleigh on North Bloodworth Street. Owner Jessica Mollet has been teaching Yoga in Raleigh for 10+ years and offering:

Yoga Therapy for individual needs, including: pain/injury of the back, neck, rotator cuff, hips, knees, feet knee or hip replacement sciatica anxiety/stress depression pre/during/post cancer treatment heart disease insomnia during pregnancy posture, etc. Meditation & Pranayama (breathwork) to cultivate a more relaxed, grounded and focused mind.

Gentle Yoga for people wanting a more relaxing Yoga experience, while still strengthening/stretching/balancing major muscle groups and improving posture.

Yoga for Levels I-II: a stronger Yoga class offering: asanas (poses) to strengthen, stretch and balance the body; pranayama (breathwork) to calm the mind; and meditation to focus the mind and improve memory.

Yoga for the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Core will balance the strength and flexibility of the core stabilizing muscles that support the spine, improve postural alignment of the spinal column, and release chronic muscle contractions in the muscles that support the spine to ease back pain. We will also stretch key muscles in the neck and strengthen other neck muscles to support a healthy cervical spine alignment. For the shoulders, we'll stretch muscles along the front of the shoulders which create 'rounded shoulders'  and strengthen key supporting shoulder muscles to lessen shoulder rotator cuff injuries. Class will close with systematic relaxation, breathwork and seated meditation.

Yoga for the Low Back, Hips, Legs, Core. 

Many of us spend a majority of our day seated and as a result have pain in our low back and tightness in our hips and legs. This means our bodies are out of balance and need strengthening and stretching of specific muscles to return a greater sense of ease and mobility in our bodies. This class will address these postural imbalances by strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles of the core and lower body. Class will close with systematic relaxation, breathwork and seated meditation.

Prenatal Yoga strengthens the body in preparation for birth. Breathing and focusing exercises will help during labor. Deepen your awareness of your changing body and the new life growing inside of you. Pregnancy brings a greater awareness of your own body, and yoga helps to alleviate some of the physical discomforts that come with pregnancy such as swollen feet and ankles, low back soreness, and calf spasms, which can all be alleviated through Yoga. No previous experience is needed.

All classes include instruction on asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation & relaxation.