Change the Triangle


711 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
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The Triangle's Young Professional Volunteer Organization

Change the Triangle is the volunteer organization for young adults in the Raleigh area. Change the Triangle members participate in a monthly volunteer event that is completely planned and organized ahead of time. The goal of our organization is to give young adults a way to become involved with the local community in a fun, relaxed social setting with minimal time commitment.

Change the Triangle welcomes all young adult volunteers who are at 21+. All we ask is that you honor your commitment to the organizations we serve by showing up when you agree to volunteer.

Change the Triangle was founded in August 2009 as a way for young adults to become involved with local organizations in the Triangle region of North Carolina. The idea of getting involved in a volunteer project was a recurring topic in Sara Rose's daily conversations with friends, but no one felt they had the time to commit to a regular event. She thought it would be great if there was a group specifically designed for young adults that did all the organizing and planning of volunteer projects with different organizations. It seemed like people could commit to a monthly project, especially if all they had to do was show up! Since that type of group didn’t already exist in the area, she decided she would change that! After getting enough positive feedback from interested friends, Sara Rose founded the group.