Studio Revolution


401 N. West Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
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Open mtwtf
5:30 AM— 8:00 PM
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7:00 AM— 7:00 PM

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Fitness. Health. Performance.

With a passion for exercise and the science that supports it, we train your body the way it was designed to move.

At Studio Revolution, a personal training gym, we believe regardless of age, gender, size, conditioning, or strength, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. We apply our extensive knowledge and a keen focus to give you the training and education that delivers results in health, fitness, and performance.

We deliberately focus on the health-fitness-performance spectrum because we believe any lifestyle change needs to be built from the foundation of health, and built upon with fitness and performance. Each of our clients -- elite athletes or those training for the first time -- enters Studio Revolution somewhere on this continuum of physical well-being.

Whether you are an elite athlete ready to take your performance and training to the next level, or you are taking the first steps to develop a body that will support your dreams, whatever they may be, Studio Revolution can take you there.

When you Change Your Body, you Change Your Story.