Bida Manda


222 S Blount St
Raleigh, NC 27601
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Dinner smtwtfs
5:00 PM—10:00 PM
Bar smtwtfs
10:00 PM— 2:00 AM

Laotian Restaurant and Bar

Nestled between lush green hills and the Mekong River, Laos' dynamic cuisine reflects its intimate relationship with nature, generous culture, and French colonial past. Inspired by our parents' recipes and seasonal ingredients, our menu offers a flavorful marriage of Vietnamese and Thai cuisines, intricately refined with French sensibility.

Bida Manda is the Sanskrit ceremonial term for Father and Month. Naming the restaurant Bida Manda is our way of honoring our parents in Laos, who instilled in us our life conviction to nurture relationships through food.