The Fiction Kitchen


428 S Dawson St
Raleigh, NC 27601
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Dinner twt
4:30 PM— 9:30 PM
Dinner fs
4:30 PM—11:00 PM




SUNDAY FUNDAY DRINKS! la cueva brut reserva $7/26 champagne cocktails $7 Bloody Marys $7 Mimosas $6

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  • Bar
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After years of hard work in the food industry and many successful pop-up food events , The Fiction Kitchen is eager to finally make our dream come true: to open up a 100% vegetarian restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. On a block in the historic train depot and warehouse district which has been somewhat forgotten over time, we plan to create a thriving, new culinary destination which will not only impress your palate but give back to the community as well.

As each of us worked to expand our culinary knowledge and began to explore new possibilities in the world of food, the more challenging it became to consistently find inspiring vegetarian food when we went out to eat. Although many places were beginning to offer more vegetarian and even vegan menu options, the choices always seemed both limited and predictable. We craved vegetarian cuisine which was fresh, creative, locally sourced and carefully prepared, and thought maybe there were other people in need of the same thing.

A consistently overwhelming response from a variety of diners gave us all the more reason to feel like we owed it to our local community, surrounding farms, and the global movement towards more responsible food choices to open a farm to fork inspired vegetarian restaurant in Raleigh. We chose the location at 428 S. Dawson St. not only because of its close proximity to the art and warehouse district, the Depot and other downtown Raleigh nightlife, but because we will be close to both the North Carolina State Farmers Market and the Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market.