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In North Carolina, 73 students drop out of school every school day.
The future for these students is bleak: chronic unemployment, reliance on government assistance, high possibility of incarceration and six times the chance of becoming a teen parent. Not only does dropping out affect the future of our children, but it affects the future of our state’s economy and ability to compete in a global workforce. Over the course of his or her lifetime, a single high school dropout costs the state approximately $275,000 in lost earnings, taxes and productivity.

That’s why Communities In Schools of North Carolina brings together all sectors of the community – from businesses and other nonprofits to government agencies and faith-based organizations – to make sure students are graduating on time, prepared for college, career and life. It is not enough to fund programs that address individual problems children face, such as poor health care, academic challenges and family issues. Instead, we collaborate with the community to bring these already existing resources into the schools to help meet both the academic and personal needs of a child.  As a result, Communities In Schools is providing the link between educators and the community. That means teachers are free to teach, and students – many in jeopardy of dropping out – can focus on learning.

We are building a stronger state and nation, one where all youth deserve the opportunity and support they need to graduate from high school, prepared for college, career and life. We hope that you will join us in our mission.