The Mecca Restaurant


(919) 832-5714
13 E. Martin Street
Raleigh, NC 27605
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Open mtwt
7:30 AM—12:00 AM
Open fs
7:30 AM— 2:00 AM

"he profits most who serves the best"

Featured in The Raleigh Museum as a business that built Raleigh, the Mecca Restaurant is an established Raleigh landmark. Simply put, if you haven’t been to the Mecca, you haven’t been to downtown Raleigh. The original neon sign still serves as a beacon to those looking for some great comfort food. Catering to the downtown work force, the Mecca has a loyal base of regular customers.

The Mecca is much more than good food. The Mecca truly has its own personality and charm. The cherry booths are the same ones that you would have been seated in at the Mecca in 1930. The restaurant has survived downtown renovations, a fire, and the exodus of most of downtown’s original established businesses. Many establishments have come and gone, but the Mecca has managed to resist much change and that, in large part, is the beauty of the place.